Devitt Winery - Souther Oregon

Southern Oregon Winery & Tasting Room

We are a boutique family-owned and operated winery located in the heart of the Applegate Valley, Oregon, dedicated to producing premium varietal wines from Estate and locally grown grapes.

2005 MERLOT, ESTATE BOTTLEDThe winery started out first as a vineyard and then moved into full wine production in 2003. "We went back into the wine business as a fluke. We had no home for our grapes and we did not want the birds to get the crop, so we decided to build the winery, make wine and sell wine from out tasting room," comments Jim Devitt, owner and winemaker.

Sounds easy, right? Jim Devitt first started out in 1971 as the owner and winemaker of Pope Valley Winery in Napa County, who racked up many awards with his wines. "It was not a big decision to go back into the wine business, and sell the vineyard juice in the form of wine. We designed and built the winery, applied for, and received our bonds, all in 2003," says Jim. They opened a tasting room over the July 4, 2004 weekend with one wine, a Pinot Gris. Since then the list has grown with several wines: Chardonnay, Shiraz Blush, Precipice (a blend), Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and a dessert wine called “Le Petite Oink”. All the reds are “Estate Bottled” and 100% varietal.

2008 Rose "The Butler Did It"Devitt Winery will keep it small and special, "it's about each barrel and what it takes to make it great!" In the future, they will continue to release small barrel lots of both varietal and blends, usually only two or three barrels. They will release them to wine club members, web/mail orders, and the winery tasting room. You can also find Devitt Winery in many of the local restaurants and fine spirit stores in the area.

For your enjoyment, the tasting room is open all year round, after lunch to 5pm daily. The tasting room and winery is centrally located between Medford and Grants Pass on Highway 238 (between mile marker 21 & 22). Just a short drive from historic Jacksonville and world famous Ashland. "When the sign is out, our tasting room is OPEN, so come on in, or let us know you're coming and we'll be sure to have the sign out!"

Jim & Sue Devitt

Product Innovation in Wine Making

Considering wine is our passion, creating wine with maximum efficiency is an absolute need to ensure the highest quality is being accomplished. We have a keen interest in inventing new tools to help us make our job easier.

Introducing the new Auto-Topper filling system allows the filling or topping of wine barrels to be done without the chance of over-flow spilling or the extra time spent by constant staff attention. Learn more, click here